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Africa Consensus

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Africa Consensus

New Interests, Initiatives, and Partners

Africans are dispensing with policymaking built on old decolonization grudges, adopting instead a multilateral approach to rebuild governance: the African Consensus.

In the past, the world scrambled for Africa to win slaves, territory, and resources. Today, the world scrambles with Africa to do business in global markets. In Africa Consensus: New Interests, Initiatives, and Partners, Ludger Kühnhardt argues that new African politics, African regional institutions, and global demand for partnerships for trade and security will lead the continent to new relationships with the United States, the European Union, China, India, Brazil, and other emerging economies.

Kühnhardt reviews the history of Africa’s international status and employs the rising African Union’s own identified "intervention areas"—peace and security; development, integration, and cooperation; shared values; and institution- and capacity-building—to analyze challenges and possibilities.