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"An important contribution to the study of the democratization processes in Central America from a gender perspective."

"Ilja A. Luciak argues persuasively that examining the [revolutionary] process through the lens of gender can give us important insights into the degree of democratic consolidation that has taken place in three key countries... Whatever lessons we may take from this excellent comparative study, it is very clear that an end to conflict in the Central American region is only the beginning of the process of constructing a just and lasting peace."

"Luciak sets out to provide a balanced assessment of the revolutionary Left's record on gender equality in the years after former guerilla movements were transformed into political parties... Luciak's study confirms the persistence of patriarchy in the revolutionary and postrevolutionary politics of Central America."

"This is a book not to be missed by anyone with an interest in transitions from revolution to democratic consolidation."

"Excellent material—data, documentary analysis, and fascinating interviews—presented clearly and unpolemically. Luciak discusses the democratization of guerrilla movements; the sex/gender distinction and its relevance to women's agendas in the region; the conflict between the neoliberal policies and democratization; the focus of the consolidation literature on political parties and party systems; and the difficulties of internal democratization for these parties. His careful and balanced scholarship provides a substantial contribution to the field and will be greatly appreciated by scholars and students of the region."