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Table Of Contents

Prefatory Notes
Part I: Man in the Universe
Chapter 1. Man's Relation to God
Chapter 2. The Problem of Evil
Chapter 3. Man's Place
Part II: Freedom and Determinism
Chapter 4. The Activity of the Mind
Chapter 5. Freedom of Indifference. Intuition
Chapter 6. The Moral Consequences
Part III: Human Nature and Motivation
Chapter 7. The Theory of Human Nature
Chapter 8. Man's Detractors
Chapter 9. Reason and the Passions
Chapter 10. Forms and Values of Self-Interest (1)
Chapter 11. Forms and Values of Self-Interest (2): Approbation, Esteem, and Pride
Chapter 12. Man's Goodness
Chapter 13. Ethics and Christianity
Chapter 14. Human Nature in the Novel