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Table Of Contents

List of Illustrations
1. Introduction
2. The Urban Setting
"The Most Glorious City of the Alexandrians"
Civitas Opulema
3. The Social World
The Social Hierarchy
Civic Institutions: Windows on Alexandrian Society
Administration and Coercion
Topography and Society: The Via Canopica
4. The Jewish Community
Tracing an Elusive Presence
Philo's World
The Great Divide: The Jewish Revolt of 115-117
A Tenuous Recovery
The Fourth-Century Community
The Contours of Jewish-Christian Conflict
5. The Pagan Community
Problems of Definition
Urban Topography and Late Antique Paganism
The Sociology of Paganism in Late Antique Alexandria
The Downfall of Serapis
The Pagans of Fifth-Century Alexandria
6. The Christian Community: The Interior Landscape and the Civic Landscape
Obstacles to Understanding
Modes of Conversion
The Christians of House D
The Christianization of Public Space
7. The Inner Life of the Christian Community: Clergy and People
The "Seven Eyes of God"
Laos Theou
8. Community and Factionalism in the Christian Community
"Radiant and Inexpressible Power"
The Desert and the City: Monastic Opposition to Episcopal Authority
The Contours of Schism: The Arians of Alexandria
9. Intercommunal Conflict during Late Antiquity
The Alexandrian Riots of 356 and George of Cappadocia
Cyril and His Opponents, 412-415
Ecclesiastical Stasis and the Marginalization of the Pagans in the 480s
10. Conclusions
11. Epilogue: From Roman Alexandria to Islamic al-lskandartyyah
Appendix Chronological Table of Emperors, Prefects, and Patriarchs: Fourth and Fifth Centuries
List of Abbreviations