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"The definitive biography of Alfred Wegener—and a great read."

"Twenty-five years in the making, Greene's terrific biography of Wegener has absolutely no competition: it is a giant leap forward in our knowledge of Wegener's views and life. Readers will be immediately drawn into Wegener's life by the fresh, direct, and accessible writing. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the history of earth science, meteorology, aerology, atmospheric physics, and twentieth-century science."

"A magnificent, definitive, and indefatigable tribute to an indefatigable man... Greene beautifully puts the record straight with a portrait of Wegener as a respected 'cosmic physicist.'"

"In this book Mott Greene has ably explained every detail of Wegener’s ideas and research and has created a well-deserved tribute to one of the most creative and energetic scientists of the twentieth century."

"A remarkably detailed and wonderfully well-written biography of Alfred Wegener... Includes insight into what makes a person such as Wegener a genius—what it was about him that led to an ability to create such a novel and correct view of nature.  That is the true value of this exceptional book, to be able to feel as though one can literally experience the scientific genius that was Alfred Wegener."

"Mott Greene's magnificent book reveals deep themes and connections to Wegener's many fruitful ideas and extraordinary scientific accomplishments, even as it examines the many distinct dimensions of thought and action that emanated from Wegener's apparently heedless embrace of all manner of risk-taking... Anglophone readers, especially, have never had such an opportunity to understand Alfred Wegener."

"This biography is clearly a labor of love for its author. Greene worked on this book for more than twenty years, conducting archival research, visiting libraries and collections across Europe and in North America, and conducting interviews with key figures, including Wegener’s surviving family members... I came away with a renewed appreciation for Wegener as an engaged scientist who refused to let the boundaries of academic disciplines dampen his enthusiasm for scientific endeavor."

"Mott Greene spent twenty years working on Alfred Wegener, a masterpiece in which he revolutionizes our understanding of Wegener, just as Wegener revolutionized our understanding of the Earth... a brilliant and compelling account of the life of one of the most talented, versatile, and remarkable scientists in history."

"Greene has created an important work that gives context to one of the most recent paradigm shifts in science... Greene tells the story with enough documentation to keep the story grounded in reality, yet uses his prose to maintain interest even after the 'eureka' moment, even after Wegener’s death on the ice."