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"A good balance of social sciences, popular culture, and basic sciences—the discussion is informative, grounded in sound science, while keeping an open mind about what might be possible."

"Rather than dismiss Alien life out of hand, he presents the historical and social reasons for the growth of our fascination with the possibility. After covering popular ideas, Lincoln then delves into what is scientifically possible, explaining the concepts beautifully and in layman’s terms... This is a clear and clear-sighted look at Aliens by a man who would be delighted if one day they appeared."

"I immediately warmed to this book. It’s not only written in terms the average lay person can understand but it follows a well structured theme that has a start, middle, and an end. I like that because it maintains order in a subject that deals mainly with a mix of confusing ideologies, fact and scientifically based interpretations."

"By combining the latest research with historical perception, Alien Universe successfully creates an outstanding inquiry highly recommended for any science-based collection looking for a blend of historical references and modern-day probes."

"The book is a level-headed fusion of pop culture and the latest scientific advances in the field of astrobiology, discussing the requirements for life on Earth."

"This book comes close to being the definitive guide to where we are in the search for extraterrestrials."