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Table Of Contents

Contents:List of Figures
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AcknowledgementsIntroduction: "All We Knew Was to Farm"
1. Rural Life in the Upcountry South: The Scene in 1920
2. Making Do and Doing Without: Farm Women Cope with the Economic Crisis, 1920-1941
3. "Grandma Would Find Some Way to Make Some Money": Farm Women's Cash Incomes
4. Mixed Messages: Home Extension Work among Upcountry Farm Women in the 1920s and 1930s
5. Government Relocation and Upcountry Women
6. Rural Women and Industrialization
7. Farm Wives and Commercial Farming
8. "The Land of Do Without": The Changing Face of Sevier County, Tennessee, 1908-1940
Epilogue: The Persistence of Rural ValuesAbbreviations
Bibliographical Essay