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Introduction, Identity and Independence: The American Artisan, 1750-1850
Part I. Studies of the Southern Experience
1. From Father to Son: Economic Roots of Craft Dynamics in Eighteenth-Century Maryland
2. Freeman, Servants, and Slaves: Artisans and the Craft Structure of Revolutionary Baltimore Town
3. Planters in the Making: Artisnal Opportunity in Georgia, 1790-1830
4. Slave Artisans in Richmond, Virginia, 1780-1810
Part II. Explorations of Class and Politics
5. Alternative Communities: American Artisans and the Evangelical Appeal, 1780-1830
6. The Petitoning of Artisans and Operatives: Means and Ends in the Struggle for a Ten-Hour Day
7. "Spavined Ministers, Lying Toothpullers, and Buggering Priests": Third-Partyism and the Serch for Security in the Antebellum North
Part III. Biographical Approaches
8. Becoming Joseph T. Buckingham: The Struggle for Artisanal Independence in Early-Nineteenth-Century Boston
9. From Artisan to Alderman: The Career of William W. Moore, 1803-1886
Part IV. Iconographic Interpretations
10. "All Her Sons Join as One Social Band": New York City's Artisanal Societies in the Early Republic
11. With Hammer in Hand: Working-Class Occupational Portraits

American Artisans
Crafting Society Identity, 1750-1850
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