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Chapter 1. Borders in the Americas: Theories and Realities
Part I: Geopolitics of Borders
Chapter 2. Borders, Rivalries, and the Racketeer State: An Alternative Theory to State Development in Latin America
Chapter 3. Legalizing and Judicializing Territorial and Maritime Border Disputes in Latin America: Causes and Unintended Consequences
Chapter 4. Political Learning Through a Transgovernmental Network: Resolving the Argentine-Chilean Border Dispute During the 1990s
Part II: National Policies for Border Security and Cross-Border Trade
Chapter 5. Regional Peace and Unintended Consequences: The Peculiar
Case of the Tri-Border Area of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay
Chapter 6. Rivalry, Trade, and Restraint on the Colombia-Venezuela Border
Chapter 7. Northbound "Threats" at the United States–Mexico Border: What Is Crossing Today, and Why?
Part III: Licit and Illicit Behavior by Borderland Actors
Chapter 8. Illicit Americas: Historical Dynamics of Smuggling in the United States' Relations with Its Neighbors
Chapter 9. The Colombian FARC in Northern Ecuador: Borderline and Borderland Dynamics
Chapter 10. Making Sense of Borders: Global Circulations and the Rule of Law at the Iguazú Triangle
Chapter 11. Conclusions
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American Crossings
Border Politics in the Western Hemisphere
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