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"A breath of fresh air. Strong both scientifically and ethically, American Dementia is a practical and engaging book."

"George and Whitehouse present a deceptively simple but radical hypothesis: Making life better at a population level has already lowered rates of dementia and, going forward, is the best strategy for preventing dementia. Their wide-ranging defense of this proposal should spark discussion, a commitment to change, and action."

"A compelling narrative that describes how we arrived in 2020 with persisting and obvious inequalities in brain health and no 'cure' for the disorder called Alzheimer's disease, despite massive investment. Most particularly, the book explores how history, politics, and culture have interacted with business and academic worlds to create this situation. A must-read."

"George and Whitehouse brilliantly diagnose America's dementia and prescribe a timely antidote—a society built on empathy and equality. As we emerge from the pandemic and face a future of increasing crises, this is the playbook we need."

"In this thought-provoking book, George and Whitehouse make clear that, in order to understand brain health and cognitive decline more fully, we must consider the quality and inclusiveness of the environments through which we travel from birth to death. Policymakers should pay attention to this book as we try to rebuild a healthier and fairer country after COVID-19."

"George and Whitehouse had me turning each page with wonder over topics I know well, to which their insight brought newperspective... [American Dementia] will enlighten a lay public, and experts in Alzheimer's disease, new and old."

American Dementia
Brain Health in an Unhealthy Society
Publication Date: 14 Sep 2021
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6.125" x 9.25"
Page Count: 424 pages
Illustrations: 29 halftones, 20 line drawings
ISBN: 9781421440477