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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. Occupy Alzheimer's! Setting the Scene for Resistance
Chapter 2. Alzheimer's and the Neoliberal Turn: "Politics of Anguish," Visions of a Cure
Chapter 3. Alzheimer's Today: Inconvenient Truths in the Marketplace of Memory
Chapter 4. Treating Populations: Collectively Strengthening the Brain Health of the Many, Not the Few
Chapter 5. Flint Still Doesn't Have Clean Water: What the Lead-Poisoning Tragedy in Michigan Means for Alzheimer's
Chapter 6. #PoorLivesMatter: Fighting Poverty to Resist Alzheimer's
Chapter 7. Turning Up the Heat on Global Warming: The Neurologic Costs of Climate Change
Chapter 8. Occupy the Nursing Home! Breaking Down Walls and Breaking Out "Socialceuticals"
Chapter 9. A Bridge beyond Loneliness: The Gathering Momentum of Age- and Dementia-Friendly Communities
Chapter 10. The Intergenerational Schools: Desegregating and Revaluing the Cognitively Frail
Appendix: An Intergenerational Interview with the Authors

American Dementia
Brain Health in an Unhealthy Society
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