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"The definitive work of a broad shift now underway."

"The authors paint a troubling picture."

"Always readable, occasionally conversational style... keeps you moving along."

"The American Faculty is destined to be a classic... The most thorough and thoughtful analysis of its topic in many years."

"I found this book to be a significant resource for data on the American professoriate. "

"Practitioners and researchers looking for a comprehensive overview of the faculty life with an emphasis on changes in the last 40 years will be well served by reading The American Faculty."

"This book and its extensive research appendices are a must-read for scholars who study the academic profession... It will be important for provosts, deans, department chairs, and those who have previously been involved in the 'faculty roles and rewards' movement to read this book and interpret its trends and implications for their own campuses and plans for faculty hiring, professional development, and reward systems."

"An impressive piece of work, a key reading for anyone interested in the state of academic work—especially, but not only, in the United States—and where it might be headed."

"The American Faculty is an extensive examination of the condition of the American academic profession."

"The American Faculty is a worthy addition to the expanding field of higher education studies."

"Jack Schuster and Martin Finkelstein's The American Faculty cannot be approached with anything but interest."

"A unique study of the present academic moment and, given the magnitude of effort involved in any attempted replication of its methods or results, The American Faculty will not be easily superceded."

"In-depth, insightful, with a masterful handling of the relevant data, The American Faculty provides the most comprehensive overview of the status of the academic profession that is available."