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Table Of Contents

List of Tables and Figures
Preface to the Paperback Edition
Part One: Overview of the American Facultty
1. Establishing the Framework
2. The American Faculty in Perspective
3. The Professoriate in Profile
Part Two: The Faculty at Work
4. The Changing Complexion of Faculty Work
5. Academic Culture and Values and the Quality of Work Life
Part Three: The Academic Career
6. The Changing Academic Career
7. The Revolution in Academic Appointments: A Closer Look
8. Compensation and Academic Careers: Trends and Issues
9. Pathways to the Professoriate
Part Four: Assessing Contemporaray Academic Life
10. American Academic Life Restructured
11. What's Ahead? Agendas for Policy Analysis, Research, and Action on Academic Staffing
A. The National Faculty Surveys
B. Selected National Faculty Surveys: A Concordance of Contents
C. Interpreting Faculty Surveys: Challenges and Strategies
D. Variables for Classifying Faculty Subgroups
E. Definitions of Terms Used in Tables and Figures
F. Academic Appointments: Historical Milestones
G. Faculty Compensation: Data Sources
H. Note on Accessing the Survey Instruments
I. Faculty Diversity: Race and Ethnicity Categories
J. Appendix Tables

The American Faculty
The Restructuring of Academic Work and Careers
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