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Table Of Contents

Part I. The Terrain
The Harvard Reprt on General Education
Faith and Modernity
The Newman Report
The Humanities
The Multiversity
Primacy of American Higher Education
Part II. Expanding and Reshaping
Truman Commission Report
The Challenge of Expansion
The Origin of Admissions Testing
California's Master Plan
Community Colleges
Diversification of Higher Education: Women
Diversification of Higher Education: Latino Americans
Lifelong Learning
The Soul of the University
Part III. Liberal Arts
Retrospect and Prospect
The Humanities in Wartimes
Revising the Curricula
The Mind of the University
Teaching the Connection
The Arts and Sciences in Decline
Part IV. Graduate Studies
Graduate Surveys and Prospects
Imporving the Status of Acadmeic Women
Consequences of Democratization
Rethinking the Ph.D.
Future Faculty
Part V. Disciplines and Interdisciplinarity
The Work of Disciplines
Area Studies
Black Studies
Women's Studies
Part VI. Academic Profession
The Intellectual Migration
At Work in the Academy
Working in Univerisities/Working in Business
Teachers as Labor and Management
Protocols and Ethics
Part VII. Conflicts on and Beyond Campus
What Should the University Do?
Campus Free Speech
A Learning Community
The Franklin Affair
Academic Commitment in Crisis Time
Part VIII. Government, Foundations, Corporations
Part IX. The Coutrs and Equal Educational Opportunity
Toward Racial Equality
Affirmative Action
Affirmative Action Attacked
Part X. Academic Freedom
Setting the Standard
Coices of the Supreme Court
Voices from Professors
Part XI. Rights of Students
Directed by the Court and the Congress
Part XII. Academic Administrations
Presidents Consider Their Jobs
Ruth Simmons Comes to Smith College
Greatness Retold

American Higher Education Transformed, 1940–2005
Documenting the National Discourse
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