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"Anyone who wants an in-depth introduction to U.S. higher education and its history, current issues, and trends should read this book, especially those new in the ranks of college faculty, administrators, and trustees; legislators and lobbyists; and personnel in state and federal agencies, accrediting bodies, and associations. Prior editions have fostered wonderful discussion in my graduate courses in higher education administration. The book would serve programs around the globe that have a course comparing higher education systems; this text will help people understand the American 'non-system.'"

"... this fourth edition of the book has been thoroughly revised and offers a comprehensive introduction to the central issues facing higher education in the United States today."

"Part history, part assessment of current issues, and part prognostication of our professional future, American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century is an excellent primer, easily accessible for graduate students, legislators and/or their aides, and institutional administrators."

"This excellent compendium is an indispensable reference... An impressive volume that those concerned with the future of American colleges and universities should acquire."

"An excellent overview of most, if not all, of the major challenges that institutions of higher education are facing today and will continue to experience in the future."

"Comprehensive and informative to both academic and non-academic readers."

"Extensive, thorough, and authoritative."

"This book offers as comprehensive a treatment of the subject as I have seen in a very long time. It is unique in that it explores contextual issues in higher education relative to larger policy concerns (at institutional, state, and national levels) rather than considering them in relation to technical institutional research/planning concerns. The scholarship reflects broad, comprehensive, and up-to-date treatment of important higher education issues that the scholars contributing to this volume have been studying for some time."

American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century
Social, Political, and Economic Challenges
Publication Date: 30 Mar 2016
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 576 pages
Illustrations: 12 graphs
ISBN: 9781421419909