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Table Of Contents

Part I: Core Enduring Missions
1. The Ten Generations of American Higher Education
2. Academic Freedom: Past, Present, and Future
3. Curriculum in Higher Education: The Organizational: Dynamics of Academic Reform
4. Harsh Realities: The Professoriate in the Twenty-First Century
5. Graduate Education and Research: Interdependence and Strain
6. The Intersecting Authority of Boards, Presidents, and Faculty:: Toward Shared Leadership
Part II: Macro Forces at Work
7. Patterns of Higher Education Development
8. The Federal Government and Higher Education
9. The States and Higher Education
10. The Legal Environment: The Implementation of Legal Change on Campus
11. Financing American Higher Education: Reconciling Institutional Financial Viability and Student Affordability
Part III: Frontiers of Rapid Change
12. Extending Opportunity, Perpetuating Privilege: Institutional Stratification amid Educational Expansion
13. The Diversity Imperative: Moving to the Next Generation
14. Homing in on Learning and Teaching: Current Approachesand Future Directions for Higher Education Policy
15. Technology: The Solution to Higher Education'sPressing Problems?
16. Community Colleges
17. State and Markets in Higher Education: Trends in Academic Capitalism

American Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century
Social, Political, and Economic Challenges
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