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American National Security

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American National Security

seventh edition

This classic text provides a rich and nuanced discussion of American national security policymaking.

American National Security remains the ideal foundational text for courses in national security, foreign policy, and security studies. Every chapter in this edition has been extensively revised, and the book includes discussion of recent security policy changes in the Trump administration. Highlights include:

• An updated look at national security threats, military operations, and homeland security challenges
• An analysis of the evolving roles of the president, Congress, the intelligence community, the military, and other institutions involved in national security
• A revised consideration of the strengths, limitations, and employment of instruments of national power, including diplomacy, information, economic tools, and armed forces
• An exploration of the economic and national security implications of globalization
• An enhanced examination of the proliferation of transnational threats, including security challenges in space and in cyberspace
• A new assessment of how international, political, and economic trends may change US leadership of the post–World War II international order
• A comprehensive update on changing dynamics in key states and regions, including Russia, China, East Asia, the Middle East, South Asia, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America

An authoritative book that explains US national security policy, actors, and processes in a wide-ranging yet understandable way, American National Security addresses key issues, including challenges to the free and open international order, the reemergence of strategic competition among great powers, terrorism, economic and fiscal constraints, and rapid advances in information and technology.

American National Security
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