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"A valuable resource and an excellent addition to any library's collection for those interested in the history of nursing and the struggle of a profession to become autonomous."

"This new book is both a remarkable story about a noble profession and a rich illustration of the important place of the scholarly press."

"A rich analysis."

"The vignettes in this book provoke images of nurses not as powerless but rather as strong, often independent, women who take life fully into their own hands."

"[D'Antonio] posits that people chose nursing because of the meaning and power that a nursing identity brought to their lives within both family and community and over a lifetime."

"Ambitious history of women and work... The strengths of this book are many."

"Patricia D'Antonio's argument will upend many of the standard beliefs about nursing and its history. She stays sensitive to the psychological and cultural tropes and debates while demonstrating a wildly sophisticated historical imagination and scholarly apparatus. This will become the book on the history of nursing."