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"American Public School Librarianship is a comprehensive and panoramic thematic analysis of the development of the US public school library and its leadership from the nineteenth century to the present. Written with energy and clarity by a distinguished historian, this is a rich story of myth, rhetoric, and survival."

"All of us, as readers, have been molded by school libraries and school librarians, and yet their story has never been told. Wayne Wiegand, the dean of American library historians, has produced a definitive and engaging account of this ubiquitous institution, which has always encouraged children to read some kinds of books but not others."

"Wayne A. Wiegand has written a masterful history of school libraries and librarianship. Prodigiously researched and beautifully written, his book makes an original contribution to the history of childhood and public education, of women and the professions, and of reading and print culture. A splendid achievement."

"Wiegand deftly weaves together an amazingly broad range of primary and secondary sources documenting relevant aspects of the American histories (plural) of reading, childhood, print technology, education, civil rights, and sociocultural history from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century. The focus is on school libraries in the lives of young people, which begins with their access—or lack of access—to school libraries and the role that a range of factors, including but not limited to race, class, sex, and age, play according to the their time period and location."

"Wiegand's American Public School Librarianship traverses the origins and ideas that shaped school librarianship and probes opportunities for continued development. This work is for all researchers and practitioners who engage with the often complex intersection of learning communities and the information professions."

American Public School Librarianship
A History
Publication Date: 12 Oct 2021
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 384 pages
Illustrations: 14 b&w illus.
ISBN: 9781421441504