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Introduction. A Profession with No Memory
Chapter 1. Inheriting Pre-Twentieth-Century Traditions
Chapter 2. "To Prove By Her Work": Establishing the Profession of School, 1900-1930
Chapter 3. Weathering the Great Depression and World War II, 1930-1950
Chapter 4. Organizing the American Association of School Librarians, 1930-1952
Chapter 5. Consolidating Gains, 1952-1963
Chapter 6. "The Golden Era of School Library Development," 1964-1969
Chapter 7. Battles for Professional Jurisdiction, 1969-1981
Chapter 8. "Information Literacy": Old Wine in New Bottles, 1981-2000
Chapter 9. A New Century: Adapting to Shifting Educational Environments
Chapter 10. Hindsight: Factors Influencing the Contours of School Librarianship
Bibliography of Primary Sources

American Public School Librarianship
A History
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