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The Amish and Technology

'The Amish and Technology' cover image

The Amish and Technology

An Excerpt from The Amish

Hopkins Digital Shorts deliver high-quality scholarship and compelling narratives in an abbreviated, electronic format. Whether excerpted from forthcoming or classic backlist titles or developed with newly commissioned content, Hopkins Digital Shorts provide concise introductions to fundamental concepts, defining moments, and influential texts.

Limits on technology are the signature mark of twenty-first century Amish identity. Riding in horse-drawn buggies and living unplugged from the public grid unmistakably separate Amish people from mainstream Americans. Yet the Amish do not categorically condemn technology. Nor are they technologically naïve. Rather, Amish communities selectively sort out what might help or harm them. More significantly, the Amish modify and adapt technology in creative ways to fit their cultural values and social goals. Amish technologies are diverse, complicated, and ever-changing. This digital short explores the complicated relationship between the Amish and technology today.