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Table Of Contents

Part I: The Cultural Context
Chapter 1. The Roots of Amish Life
Part II: Cultural Resources for Entrepreneurship
Chapter 2. From Plows to Profits
Chapter 3. A Profile of Amish Enterprises
Chapter 4. Homespun Entrepreneurs
Chapter 5. Labor and Human Resources
Part III: Cultural Constraints of Entrepreneurship
Chapter 6. The Moral Boundaries of Business
Chapter 7. Taming the Power of Technology
Chapter 8. Small-Scale Limitations
Part IV: The Public Face of Amish Enterprise
Chapter 9. Promotion and Professional Networks
Chapter 10. Coping with Litigation and Liability
Chapter 11. Negotiating with Caesar
Chapter 12. Failure and Success
Part V: The Transformation of Amish Society
Chapter 13. The Fate of a Traditional People
Chapter 14. National Patters of Amish Work
Appendixes: Research Methods and Data Sources