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"The key to the book’s success, is the mixture of compassionate wisdom and intelligent advice derived from the author’s unique perspective."

"It just has everything in this book and the author is meticulous to detail... Although written for a US market this book is extremely valuable for the UK healthcare setting too. The book is well referenced at the end of each chapter."

"Dr. Silver's book encompasses not just emotional and physical healing but spiritual as well. Her credentials as a young mother and cancer survivor, in addition to being a physiatrist with a specialization in rehab medicine, make her work both authoritative and compassionate."

"A diagnosis of cancer changes one's life forever. After her diagnosis, Dr. Silver chose to continue healing—this time, healing herself. Her book is a gift to all cancer patients."

"Dr. Silver, who has faced cancer as both doctor and patient, has written an excellent practical guide for patients navigating the psychological and physical demands of a diagnosis of cancer."

"Dr. Silver is a remarkably insightful patient and physician. She has built upon her own professional experiences in rehabilitative medicine and her personal experience with a breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment. She seeks to make lemonade out of lemons, and she has done so with remarkable success."

"A hands-on guide to survival issues: exercise, diet, fatigue, mental health, spirituality, and how to seek assistance from both Western and alternative medicine... Highly recommended."

"This is one you need... Silver offers excellent descriptions of mind-body treatments... I like that she understands."

"Like her practice, it draws on evidence-based medicine about what works to help people heal."

"An invaluable reference for patients and health professionals as they navigate the murky waters of cancer treatment and survivorship."

"Belongs in any serious health library or collection focusing on cancer recovery."