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Table Of Contents

List of Illustrations
1. The Return of McClellan
"General, I am in command again"
2. The Army of Northern Virginia
"Who could not conquer with troops such as these"
3. The Army of Northern Virginia Enters Maryland
"Our movements will be rapid"
4. The Army of the Potomac
"If we fail now the North has no hope"
5. The Army of the Potomac Advances to Frederick
"You may be sure that I will follow them as closely as I can"
5. Harpers Ferry
"To the last extremity"
7. The Battle for Mary land Heights
"For God's sake, don't fall back"
8. September 13
"My general idea is to cut the enemy in two"
9. The Morning Battle for Fox's Gap
"My God! Be careful!"
10. Afternoon at Fox's Gap
"So little did we know of the etiquette of war"
11. The First Corps Attacks
"It looked like a task to storm"
12. The Battle for Hill 1280
"Some of you will get hurt"
13. Into Turner's Gap
"An ugly looking place to attack"
14. Crampton's Gap
"The best fighting that has been done in this war"
15. Retreat from South Mountain
"God has seldom given an army a greater victory than this"
16. The Trap Closes and a Cavalry Dash
"The fate of Harper's Ferry was sealed"
17. The Fall of Harpers Ferry
"Through God's blessing, Harper's Ferry and its garrison are to be surrendered"
18. September 16
"We are entirely too methodical"
19. Eve of Battle
"I shall not, however, soon forget that night"
a. Opposing Forces in the Mary and Campaign
b. Strength of Union and Confederate Forces
c. Union and Confederate Casualties
List of Abbreviations
Essay on Sources