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"The definitive inventory and guide to the architectural history of one of the premiere old cities of the United States... Any long-established Baltimorean should treasure this volume for its celebration of tradition and innovation. Newly arrived Baltimoreans could find no finer guide to what the place looks like and how it came to be this way—and why."

"A handsome 400-pager chronicles the social, political, and economic development of Baltimore along with the architecture."

"Everything you always wanted to know about the notable architecture of the city of Baltimore is contained in this single volume 'of forgotten lore,' to paraphrase the Baltimorean Edgar Allen Poe. This book has been lovingly produced by Johns Hopkins University Press."

"Over 600 stunning black and white photos, drawings, paintings, and illustrated floor plans that capture the evolution of Baltimore."

"Baltimore contains some of the finest architecture in the United States designed by a virtual roll call of leading designers. The reissue of this classic study brought up to date with contributions by both senior and younger historians illuminates the dynamism of recent changes and the growth of historic preservation in Baltimore. Once again the riches of the city are made accessible."

"Richard Howland and Eleanor Spenser completed their scholarly review of Baltimore's architectural history, The Architecture of Baltimore, in 1953. This book expands coverage of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and completes the twentieth century. It takes a comprehensive historical overview of the social and economic forces that allowed the architects of Baltimore to produce some of the best buildings in America. Baltimore has a rich architectural heritage, and this new book tells the story."

"A new and significantly revised edition of a treasured classic, The Architecture of Baltimore makes available an expanded examination, in words and pictures, of the general texture and individual buildings that have made and still make that Maryland metropolis both a treasure-trove of architecture and a vibrant testament to the history of the city. It is a fascinating story, told very effectively."

"From our marble-stepped row houses and neighborhood churches to our downtown buildings and grand monuments, Baltimore is blessed with a priceless architectural heritage. It is through this story that we reaffirm the importance of preserving these resources for their significance in shaping Baltimore's history and their economic potential for building our future."

"No city is like any other except in the obvious infrastructural way. Cities, like their inhabitants, have varied personalities, fingerprints and signatures. The architecture of a city is its personality, fingerprint and signature. In a sense, this book is a narrative, telling a story of Baltimore's history, its past and present urban personality, by word and image. And it's a wonderful story."

The Architecture of Baltimore
An Illustrated History
Publication Date: 2 Jul 2004
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 8" x 11"
Page Count: 416 pages
Illustrations: 480 halftones, 83 line drawings
ISBN: 9780801878060