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"The real subject of Crilly's monumental biography is the surrounding galaxy of British mathematicians and milieu in which they operated."

"Fluid, readable style... Highly recommended."

"This well-written biography... is full of shrewd observation and careful analysis. "

"First full-length account of Cayley's life... Anyone interested in the emerging role of the research mathematician in England will find Crilly's book particularly rewarding."

"Crilly's book is a beautifully written account of Cayley's life and of British mathematics in the 19th century."

"I highly recommend Arthur Cayley: Mathematician Laureate of the Victorian Age as a valuable addition to one's personal or institutional library. There is everything to enjoy about this book: the writing, the content, the essential tribute to Cayley's life and contributions."

"The reader of Crilly's book will come away with an appreciation of the quality and breadth of Cayley's mathematical writings."

"A well-written and thorough account of its subject... a wealth of useful and well-researched information that is difficult to find elsewhere."

"Recommended to those who are not specialists in mathematics and are interested in historico-cultural or social science aspects... An instructive book accessible to the reader."

"A scholarly work of the highest quality. It should be in every university library, and I recommend it to all who wish to delve deeply into the life of Arthur Cayley."

"[Arthur Cayley] gives a broad picture of the developments in mathematics and society over the nineteenth century."