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Table Of Contents

Translations and Abbreviations
Common Perceptions of Asklepios and His Cult
The Current Project
1. From Practice to Profession: The Development of Greek Medicine from the Bronze Age to the Fifth Century BC
The Bronze Age and Homer
Between Homer and Hippocrates
Tradition and Change in Fifth-Century Medicine
Medicine as a Techne
Medicine and Its Limits
2. Searching for a Cure: The Limits of Medicine and the Development of Asklepios' Cult
Alternatives to Medicine: What Doctors Condoned
Healing Gods
The Early Development of Asklepios' Cult
The Popularity of Asklepios and His Healing
3. Asklepios and His Colleagues: Doctors and Divine Healers
Asklepios as Doctor in Myth and Cult
Other Healing Gods and Heroes
Doctors and Their Patron God
Asklepios' Specialization: Chronic Ailments
4. Documenting Asklepios' Arrival in Athens
Desccription, Text, and Translation of Telemachos Moument
Reading between the Lines
The Eleusinian Cult of Demeter and Kore
The Location of Asklepios' Sanctuary
5. Asklepios and the Topography of Athenian Cult
The Acropolis and the Greater Panathenaia
Dionysos and Demeter
Dionysos Eleuthereus and the City Dionysia
The Sanctuary of Dionysos Eleuthereus
The City Dionysia
Eleusinian Demeter and the Mysteries
6. Asklepios and Athenian Empire
Epidauros and Athens in the Peloponnesian Wars
The Peace of Nicias and Epidaurian Asklepios
Athens, Cults, and Politics in the Fifth Century
Negotiating Empire
Asklepios and the Kerykes in 418 BC
Mapping Meaning: The Epidauria Procession