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Table Of Contents

Foreword, M. Powell Lawton
List of Contributors
Introduction, Catherine Hawes
Part I. Key Topics in Assisted Living
1. State Policy and Regulations, Robert L. Mollica
2. Residential Care/Assisted Living in the Changing Health Care Environment, Michael A. Nolin and Robert L. Mollica
3. Creating a Therapeutic Environment: Lessons from Northern European Models, Victor A. Regnier and Anne Copeland Scot
t4. Staffing Problems and Strategies in Assisted Living, R. Tamara Hodlewsky
5. African American Use of Residential Care in North Carolina, Elizabeth J. Mutran, S. Sudha, Peter Reed, Manoj Menon, and Tejas Desai
Part II. Diversity in Profile: Assisted Living in Four States
6. An Overview of the Collaborative Studies of Long-Term Care, Sheryl Zimmerman, Philip D. Sloane, J. Kevin Eckert, Verita Custis Buie, Joan F. Walsh, Gary Grove Koch, and J. Richard Hebel
7. Resident Characteristics, Leslie A. Morgan, Ann L. Gruber-Baldini, and Jay Magaziner
8. The Physical Environment, Philip D. Sloane and Sheryl Zimmerman
9. The Process of Care, Sheryl Zimmerman, J. Kevin Eckert, and Judith B. Wildfire
10. Aging in Place, Shulamit L. Bernard, Sheryl Zimmerman, and J. Kevin Eckert
11. Care for Persons with Dementia, Philip D. Sloane, Sheryl Zimmerman, and Marcia G. Ory
12. Economics and Financing, Sally C. Stearns and Leslie A. Morgan
13. Connectedness in Residential Care: A Qualitative Perspective, J. Kevin Eckert, Sheryl Zimmerman, and Leslie A. Morgan
Part III. Future Directions in Assisted Living
Emerging Issues in Residential Care/Assisted Living, Sheryl Zimmerman, Philip D. Sloane, and J. Kevin Eckert

Assisted Living
Needs, Practices, and Policies in Residential Care for the Elderly
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