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Table Of Contents

Part I: Contexts
Chapter 1. Jews and Crypto-Jews in the Atlantic World Systems, 1500-1800
Chapter 2. Jewish History in an Age of Atlanticism
Part II: Mercantilism
Chapter 3. Networks of Colonial Entrpreneurs: The Founders of the Jewish Settlements in Dutch America, 1650s and 1660s
Chapter 4. Engligh Markets, Jewish Merchants, and Atlantic Endeavors: Jews and the Making of British Translantic Commerical Culture, 1650-1800
Chapter 5. La Nación among the Nations: Portuguese and Other Maritime Trading Diasporas in the Atlantic, Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries
Chapter 6. Sephardic Merchants in the Early Modern Atlantic and Beyond: Toward a Comparative Historical Approach to Business Cooperation
Part III: Identity and Religion
Chapter 7. Jews and New Christians in Dutch Brazil, 1630-1654
Chapter 8. A Matriarchal Matter: Slavery, Conversion, and Upward Mobility in Suriname's Jewish Community
Chapter 9. Catholics, Jews, and Muslims in Early Seventeenth-Century Guine
Chapter 10. "These Indians Are Jews!" Lost Tribes, Crypto-Jews, and Jewish Self-Fashioning in Antonio de Montezion's Relación of 1644

Atlantic Diasporas
Jews, Conversos, and Crypto-Jews in the Age of Mercantilism, 1500–1800
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