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Table Of Contents

Preface 2014
Preface to the First Edition
Introduction 2014: A History of American Children's Literature
Introduction to the First Edition: Fundamental Similarities among Twelve American Children's Books
Part One: Oedipal Patterns
1. There's No Place but Home The Wizard of Oz
2. The Long Parricidal Dream Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
3. Spinster Aunt, Sugar Daddy, and Child- Woman Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Part Two: Manuals of Republicanism
4. Motherland, Fatherland, or Oedipal Politics Little Lord Fauntleroy
5. Ur of the Ur- Stories Tarzan of the Apes
6. Impostors, Succession, and Faux Histories The Prince andthe Pauper
7. Remorse and Regrets The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
8. Bosom Enemies Little Women
9. Bread and Circuses Toby Tyler
Part Four: The Gospel of Optimism
10. Sunny Land, Angry Waters Hans Brinker
11. Positive Thinking The Secret Garden
12. Radical Innocence Pollyanna
Afterword to the First Edition
Selected Bibliography