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Table Of Contents

Part I: The Authoritarian "Big Five"
Chapter 1. China's Challenge
Chapter 2. Forward to the Past in Russia
Chapter 3. Iran's Paradoxical Regime
Chapter 4. Iran Abroad
Chapter 5. Autocratic Legalism in Venezuela
Chapter 6. Saudi Arabia's Anxious Autocrats
Part II: Arenas of "Soft-Power" Competition
Chapter 7. Countering Democratic Norms
Chapter 8. Election Monitoring vs. Disinformation
Chapter 9. The Leninist Roots of Civil Society Repression
Chapter 10. Civil Society Under Assault
Chapter 11. The Kremlin's Information War
Chapter 12. China's Foreign Propaganda Machine
Chapter 13. Cyberspace Under Siege
Chapter 14. Dealing with the Authoritarian Resurgence
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