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Table Of Contents

Note to the Reader: Units and ApproximationsCHAPTER 1
Force and Pressure
Bed of Nails
Simple Thumbtack
Buoyancy in Air
How Dense Is the Ocean?
Washbowls and Coriolis Force
Points of Contact
Atmospheric Force
Weighing Your Car
Well and Water Tower
Pressure of Sunlight
Squashed Tennis Ball
Fatal Impulse
Relative Gravitational Weakness
Strong Fields
Airplane LiftCHAPTER 2
Mechanics and Rotation
Terminal Velocity
The Unlikely Game of Baseball
Human Levers
Angular Momenta
The Twirling Skater
Rotating Water Pail
Grandfather Clock
Arm and Leg Pendulums
Precession of a Bicycle Wheel
Car Springs
Carousels and Rotors
Banked Road
Conical PendulumCHAPTER 3
Sound and Waves
Speed of Sound
Tsunamis and Ripples
Cold Flat Music
Thunder and Lightning
Wavelengths of Familiar Sounds
Scales and Chords
The Sound of Coke
The Sensitive Ear
of Visible Sight
v=c; hv= E
Trains and Doppler ShiftCHAPTER 4
Human Heaters
Negative Calorie Diet
The Moral of the Tail
Ice Skating
Thermal Expansion
Power Plant EfficiencyCHAPTER 5
Microscope Constraints
Binocular Size and Power
Seeing under Water
Candle PowerCHAPTER 6
Electrostatic Charge on a Balloon
Capacitance of Spheres
Electric Field in a Wire
Electron Drift Speed
Unfamiliar Currents
High Cost of Battery Electricity
Magnet Strength
Matching Earth's B Field
Hanging Wire
Energy Storage in L and C
Jump-Rope Generator
Q of a Crystal Radio
E and B from a Lightbulb
Toaster Power
Magnetic Resonance ImagingCHAPTER 7
Radius of Earth
Geography and Weight
Height of Atmosphere
Depth of Earth's Gravity Field
Mountain Height
Earth Orbits
Escape Energy from Earth
Precession of the Equinoxes
Hole through the Earth
Slowing of the Earth's Rotation
Mass of Earth's Gravitational FieldCHAPTER 8
Diameter of Sun and Moon
Minimum Distance to Nearest Star
Pressure of Sunlight
How Many Photons to See a Faint Star?
Fueling the Sun
Age of the Elements
The 21 cm Line
The Prodigal SunCHAPTER 9
Atoms and Molecules
All atoms Are (About) the Same Size
Density if Air
Molecular Spacing in a Gas
Molar Energy
Latent Heat of Fusion and Vaporization
Surface Tension
Binding Force between Atoms
Atomic Spring ConstantCHAPTER 10
Particles and Quanta
Uncertainties of Photons and Mesons
Valence Electrons
Can Electrons Reside in the Nucleus?
Lucky Millikan
Nuclear Repulsion
Synchrotron—Loss and Gain
Quantized Molecular Levels
Molecular Rotation Energy

Back-of-the-Envelope Physics
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