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"An impressive successor to Aldrich's previous works on railroad and industrial safety, Back on Track fills a significant gap in the literature and should have broad appeal for institutional economists, historians of transport and technology, and non-specialists interested in the railroad industry. The book enhances Mark Aldrich’s reputation as the world’s foremost expert on the economics of railroad safety. In a superbly documented work, he places moderns concerns over a spate of railway accidents into historical context, ably demonstrating that ill-advised economic regulations have imperiled safety and contributed to needless human suffering."

"Mark Aldrich's Back on Track updates wonderfully his earlier book, Death Rode the Rails. His narrative and conclusions are insightful, his research extensive, and his writing style engaging. Aldrich never fails to place happenings into an understandable context, creating a valuable and enduring study. "

"After 1965, accidents on America's railroads grew at worrisome rates. This authoritiative study combines economics, business, and technological history to explore why the mayhem grew and how managers, workers, and regulators improved safety after the 1970s. Aldrich has produced an accessible look at a fascinating industry and the business-government relations that shaped it."

"Mark Aldrich provides a comprehensive review of U.S. railroad safety, including major wrecks, regulatory changes, and technological innovations... The author intertwines encyclopedic knowledge of U.S. railroad accidents with a discussion that outlines how market forces, technological advancement, and regulations influenced railroad safety."