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Table Of Contents

Spoiler Alert
True Story, No Joke
Comedy and the Uncommon Woman
That Laugh You Have, or, A Study in the Via Negativa
Playing Cards with Mark Strand
Plot Summary
Reality as Prank
"Forgive Us Our Happiness"
Recovering the Sunk
Freud in 1939
Mr. Hall
Against Jubilance
What We Need Here Is a New Dialect Noun
Reading the Water
Coaching the Witness
Questions from the Witness
Old Feste, at the Bar, Remembering
On Taste
Forgetting a Flood
Stage Right
Thinking I Wanted Country Humor
At Slack Tide
After Seeing Four Turtles on a Stump in the Waccamaw River
Funny Farm
Scraping Barnacles from the Hull
The Bait Shop Elegies
Pumping the Trout's Stomach
At the Grave of the Fabulous Moolah
The Comedian Questions Her Timing
Counterpunch Lines
Sea Pork
Misfit, Mountain Town
Sad Clown in the Woods, No Hoax
Wanted: The Raccoon on the Dock
True Story, No Joke
Ode to a Boat Mechanic
Laughing Gull
The Funny Pages
As I Lay Dying Laughing
Any Which Way You Cut It
Nothing Liquid, Fragile, Hazardous, Perishable
To a Seated Harlequin
About the Author