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Table Of Contents

Part I
1. Settling
2. Government in the Streets
3. Revolution
Part II
4. Baltimore at War
5. From Town to City
6. "Calamities Peculiarly Incident to Large Cities"
Part III
7. Trial by Combat
8. Baltimore Triumphant
9. Public Debt and Internal Improvements
Part IV
10. Working on the Railroad
11. Corporate Challenge to Equality and an Educational Response
12. Road Hogs
13. Policing the Disorderly City
Part V
14. Racial Borders
15. Between Mobs and Corporations
16. Pigs and Politicians
17. Know-Nothings
Part VI
18. American Party Reckoning
19. Baltimore in the Divided Nation
20. City at War
21. Democratic Resurrection
Part VII
22. Ex-Slaves, Ex-Confederates, and the New Regime
23. The Ring
24. Fin de Siècle
25. Political Economy
26. Fire, Smoke, and Segregation
27. Metropolitan Morality
28. World War and Municipal Conquest
29. Civil Service and Prohibition
Part IX
30. Boom to Bust
31. Relief, Repeal, New Deal
32. Democratic Harmony, RepublicanVictory
33. D'Alesandro and His Democrats
Part X
34. I'm All Right, Jack
35. Slow-Motion Race Riot
36. Racial Breakdown
Part XI
37. Baltimore's Best
38. Driving the City
39. Turning Point
Appendix A
Appendix B
Bibliographic Essay