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"Goetz has done an impressive job bringing religion to the center of the historiography on race, and her study is a must-read for all scholars interested in the development of race and the role of Protestantism in the Atlantic world."

"In a compact 173 pages, Goetz links race and religion in colonial Virginia in ways that few other scholars have even attempted."

"This is impressive scholarship grounded in letters, pamphlets, court records, colonial statutes, and a wide array of additional archival and secondary sources... It is a book that will find ready readership in graduate seminars, seminaries, and undergraduate classrooms."

"Professor Goetz... is to be warmly applauded for having produced a work of such methodological scope and intellectual sophistication, a most persuasive work that ranks as a major contribution to the field."

"Goetz posits her thesis in a history of England and Colonial Virginia, providing necessary context while educating readers in the general narrative of English and Virginia history."

"The Baptism of Early Virginia offers a significant contribution to the growing historiography of religion in colonial Virginia... Goetz's provocative work raises a number of questions... Even if Goetz does not always address these questions, her radical rethinking of religion in colonial Virginia will surely help others answer them. The Baptism of Early Virginia is an important book."

"Though much has been written about the complex legal and social construction of race in the seventeenth-century Anglo-Atlantic, Goetz's account of the role of religion in that process is the most thorough yet."

"A major contribution to this rich field of historical inquiry."