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1 Storms, Fair Weather, and Chance
Kamikazes, Dunkirk, and Normandy
2 Too Much and Too Wet
The Civil War Mud March and Flander's Fields
3 Clouds and Fog
The Bulge and Khe Sanh
4 Invading Another Climate as Seasons Change
Napoleon and Hitler Russia
5 Forests and Jungles
The Wilderness and the Ia Drang Valley
6 Terrains and Corridors
The American Civil War's Eastern Theater and World War I Verdun
7 Troubled Waters
River Crossings at Arnhem and Remagen
8 Glaciers Shape the Land
Alpine Fighting and the Road to Moscow
9 Peninsulas and Sea Coasts
Anzio and Inchon
10 Island Battles
Tarawa and Iwo Jima
11 Hot, Wet, and Sick
New Guinea and Dien Bien Phu
12 Heat, Rock, and Sand
The Western Desert and the Sinai

Battling the Elements
Weather and Terrain in the Conduct of War
Publication Date: 21 Mar 2001
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Trim Size: 6.875" x 10"
Page Count: 336 pages
Illustrations: 24 b&w photos, 57 maps
ISBN: 9780801866487