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"This book's honest depiction of the tension between connectedness and remoteness will resonate with readers' experience while motivating and equipping them to create a different reality going forward. A compelling and very useful book full of sage advice."

"Brilliant. On Becoming a Healer exemplifies a transformative view of medical education. I wholeheartedly recommend this disruptive look at healing and relationships, burnout and meaning."

"I deeply appreciate how self-revelatory this book is. It is an act of courage to speak frankly about how one's upbringing has shaped the person one becomes. It's also an act of courage to speak so frankly about how damaging the socialization process of medical school and training can sometimes be."

"Dr. Weiner's fierce, insightful, and sometimes hilarious reflections make for a must-read for health professionals, for anyone considering or going through medical training, and for those who accompany them along the way."

"A tour-de-force articulation of how truly engaging the patient, contextualizing care, going beyond empathy to action, exercising curiosity, defining boundaries, and eschewing judgementalism can enhance healing, increase physician satisfaction, and reduce burnout!"

"An invaluable handbook for navigating the shoals and joys of becoming—and being—a physician. Weiner weaves decades of wisdom into engaging stories, offering practical strategies for combating burnout, finding joy in medicine, and doing the best for your patients."

"In his book, Saul Weiner provides a candid and personal view on what shaped him as a human and physician and reminds us that both can coexist. The book is a much needed resource for medical educators to guide their learners as they navigate the potentially dehumanizing experience of medical training."

"This is a book full of wisdom and encouragement. It offers guidance to the newly developing physician and renewal to the mature, helping both to reconnect with the purpose and beauty of healing. It is an instant classic and, especially at a time when medicine can easily feel off-track, a must-read."

"From a wise doctor dedicated to a life of service, a vital and practical guide on how to be human in medicine. Filled with fascinating examples of doctor-patient connections, it goes to the core of our mission—to nourish the rising of a mutual relationship as the essence of healing."

"The dirty little secret of patient-centered care is that it challenges many norms of the medical profession. To be truly patient-centered, one needs to attend to one's own transformation. In this wisdom-filled book, Saul Weiner nails not only what it means to heal, but also how to get there."

"Saul Weiner's On Becoming a Healer is an important and essential addition to the literature on the doctor-patient relationship."

"This extraordinary guide for frustrated physicians is grounded in rigorous reasoning, courageous self-reflection, and a dispassionate assessment of U.S. health care. A clear and compassionate articulation of the deleterious effects of medical education, Saul calls on all physicians to return to the essence of their call to caring and healing."

On Becoming a Healer
The Journey from Patient Care to Caring about Your Patients
Publication Date: 7 Apr 2020
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 208 pages
Illustrations: 4 line drawings
ISBN: 9781421437811