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Table Of Contents

Introduction: The Apprentice Alone in His Workshop: The Inventions Notebook
1. Indebted and Well-Bred: Literary Models and Authority in the Juvenilia
2. The Notebook, Begun: The Clash of Laforgue and Baudelaire in the Poems of November 1909
3. Clearing the Throat: The Poems of Early 1910
4. Raising the Voice: The Sequence Poems of Fall 1910
5. Trembling with Pathos: The Paris Poems of Late 1910 and Early 1911
6. The Short and Surprisingly Private Life of King Bolo: The Bawdy Poems and Their Audiences
7. "Prufrock," Abandoned: How the Poem Was Written, How It Was Received, and How It Works
8. Mumbling the Denouement: The Last and Undated Poems of the Notebook, late 1911-1915
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