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"This is a fine book, very well researched and written. Kilbride offers a unique and powerful definition of 'Americanness' that will prove indispensable to scholars of the period and fascinating to the general reader."

"Being American in Europe confirms and provides a new perspective on older scholarship."

"Kilbride's book offers a lucidly written and valuable contribution to our understanding of the relationship between the United States and Europe, and the development of American identity in this period."

"Kilbride has given us an impressive work of intellectual and cultural history that will prove key to understanding the creation of American identity and its sources."

"Daniel Kilbride's study provides much needed insight into an aspect of American history that is relatively unexplored."

"Being American in Europe is a valuable contribution to the literature because it pulls a diverse array of travelers (many of whom are already well-known to historians in other contexts) into one analysis in order to reveal the fundamental questions of national identity that travel to Europe posed. Like the insights gained by the travelers he studies, Kilbride's book helps us better understand the United States as an emerging nation in the Atlantic world."

"The wide range of sources Kilbride has explored is a central virtue of this book... Kilbride has brought readers into wide-open conversations among earlier Americans about Europe and the United States."

"With imposing feats of archival labour that do honour to the breadth of his subject, Daniel Kilbride's Being American in Europe, 1750–1860 offers new insight into the ways American identity was formed through European travel in the Antebellum Era. Countless little-known diaries and letters from ordinary travellers combine, like the tiles of a mosaic, to show patterns of response to the European encounter that are usually difficult to see. Rich in anecdote and insights into the period, Being American in Europe is a major contribution to the study of the meanings Europe has held for the United States."

"Kilbride offers useful discussions of the changing realities of travel over the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century... Kilbride should be commended for illuminating and analyzing these often obscure texts."

"A nuanced and balanced analysis... Promises to be the go-to volume for historians seeking a lively and synthetic account of U.S. overseas interactions from the colonial period to the U.S. Civil War."

Being American in Europe, 1750–1860
Publication Date: 15 May 2013
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 248 pages
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ISBN: 9781421408996