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Table Of Contents

1. From Holy Commonwealth to "No Laws Respecting the Establishment of Religion," 1600–1792
2. Creating an American Common School and a Common Faith: Horace Mann and the Protestant Public Schools, 1789–1860
3. Roman Catholics and the Common School Movement, 1801–1892
4. Church and School in Slave and Free Communities, 1802–1902
5. Native American Religion, Christian Missionaries, and Government Schools, 1819–1978
6. The Many Origins of the Scopes Trial, 1859–1925
7. Prayer, Bible Reading, and Federal Money: The Expanding Role of Congress and the Supreme Court, 1918–1968
8. Culture Wars, Creationism, the Courts, and the Reagan Revolution, 1968–1990
9. Changing School Boards, Curriculum, and the Constitution, 1990–2000
10. Creationism, Money, the Courts, and the Curriculum: The Battle for the Schools of the Twenty-First Century
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