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Table Of Contents

Foreword, by Christine M. Keller

Part I. Technology, Digitization, Big Data, and Analytics Maturity as the Enabling Conditions for Data-Informed Decision Making
Chapter 1. Data Analytics and the Imperatives for Data-Informed Decision Making in Higher Education
Karen L. Webber and Henry Y. Zheng
Chapter 2. Big Data and the Transformation of Decision Making in Higher Education
Braden J. Hosch
Chapter 3. Predictive Analytics and Its Uses in Higher Education
Henry Y. Zheng and Ying Zhou

Part II. The Ethical, Cultural, and Managerial Imperatives of Data-Informed Decision Making in Higher Education
Chapter 4. Limitations in Data Analytics: Potential Misuse and Misunderstanding in Data Reports and Visualizations
Karen L. Webber and Jillian N. Morn
Chapter 5. Guiding Your Organization's Data Strategy: The Roles of University Senior Leaders and Trustees in Strategic Analytics
Gail B. Marsh and Rachit Thariani
Chapter 6. Data Governance, Data Stewardship, and the Building of an Analytics
Organizational Culture
Rana Glasgal and Valentina Nestor

Part III. The Application of Analytics in Higher Education Decision Making: Case Studies
Chapter 7. Data Analytics and Decision Making in Admissions and Enrollment Management
Tom Gutman and Brian P. Hinote
Chapter 8. Predictive Analytics, Academic Advising, Early Alerts, and Student Success
Timothy M. Renick
Chapter 9. Constituent Relationship Management and Student Engagement Lifecycle
Cathy A. O'Bryan, Chris Tompkins, and Carrie Hancock Marcinkevage
Chapter 10. Learning Analytics for Learning Assessment: Complexities in Efficacy, Implementation, and Broad Use
Carrie Klein, Jaime Lester, Huzefa Rangwala, and Aditya Johri
Chapter 11. Using Data Analytics to Support Institutional Financial and Operational Efficiency
Lindsay K. Wayt, Susan M. Menditto, J. Michael Gower, and Charles Tegen

Part IV. Concluding Comments
Chapter 12. Data-Informed Decision Making and the Pursuit of Analytics Maturity in Higher Education
Karen L. Webber and Henry Y. Zheng