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"A thoughtful, authoritative, original work, striking out in a new direction that takes up several leading modes of inquiry along evolutionary and cognitive theoretical lines but arrives at a productive synthetic position of its own."

"Easterlin gives full-scale and valuable accounts of exemplary works."

"Easterlin offers scholars much food for thought."

"Easterlin has produced a masterful work that will guide a great deal of future work in and around these literary fields."

"This engaged and thoughtful book contributes vitally to current thinking about the place of science, particularly cognitive studies and evolutionary psychology, in the study of literature. Easterlin's principles and critical practice achieve luminous clarity in her reading of Wordsworth."

"There is much to admire in Easterlin’s extraordinary synthesis of biocultural literary approaches; anyone working in the field as student or researcher will get a great deal of intellectual stimulation from her text."