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"Ultimately, the innovations and court decisions most associated with bioethics, Stevens shows, were less rooted in concern about the abuse of patients than in researchers' and biomedical institutions' desires for the freedom to pursue new medical technologies and their need for protection from legal liability. Bioethics has served more as a 'midwife' to new medical research and technologies than as a critic. These findings should concern all of us. Steven's critical analysis of bioethics is a valuable revision."

"An interesting and provocative book, well worth reading for the issues it raises as well as for the historical analysis of the bioethics movement."

"Bioethics in America merits our attention. It will encourage additional reflection on the sources and meaning of the rise of this new profession dedicated to moral arbitration."

"Stevens has a pithy prose style and a healthy willingness to challenge received wisdom."

"A major contribution to the history of bioethics."