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"A 'must' for both health and general-interest collections, this organizes and presents information in a format professionals and lay readers can equally use."

"In the author's eyes, the purpose is to save lives. His vivid approach with real-life examples provides a glimpse into the everyday struggles of people who live with bipolar disorder, as well as their families and friends."

"An excellent guide to a painful and difficult yet treatable illness. Dr. Mondimore’s outstanding abilities as clinician and teacher are put to good use in this indispensible book."

"I highly recommend it for patients and their family members and friends as an enlightened, pragmatic, and empathic resource for this very complex and challenging illness."

"Exhaustive, scientific, yet compassionate... An absolute gold mine for those with the disorder and their families: thorough, candid, and up-to-date advice, full of new possibilities for help."

"This is an excellent book for patients with bipolar illness... It gives patients and their families enough information without being overwhelming and overly technical. The tone is practical but compassionate toward patients and family members suffering through this difficult illness. Good resource sections provide more extensive reading and online data. I would highly recommend this book."

"The marvel of this book is its ability to present information in a detailed, understandable manner, while avoiding pitfalls of being overly weighted in professional jargon or skimpy in specific neurological and behavioral detail."