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Table Of Contents

Part I: What is Bipolar Disorder?
1. Normal and Abnormal Mood
2. The Categories of Bipolar Disorder
3. Bipolar Disorder and the DSM-5
4. The Mood Disease: Some History
Part II: The Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
5. Mood-Stabilizing Medications
6. Antipsychotic Medications
7. Antidepressant Medications
8. New (and Old) Medications and Pipeline Drugs
9. More Medications, Hormones, and Dietary Supplements
10. Brain-Stimulation Treatments
11. Counseling and Psychotherapy
12. Treatment Approaches in Bipolar Disorder
Part III: What Causes Bipolar Disorder?
13. The Brain is Like the Internet
14. More Bipolar Biology
15. The Science of Cycles: Chronobiology
16. The Genetics of Bipolar Disorder
Part IV: Bipolar Variations and Connections
17. Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents
18. Women with Bipolar Disorder: Special Considerations
19. Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
20. Borderline Personality Disorder
21. Bipolar Disorder and Creativity
Part V: Getting Better and Staying Well
22. Living with Bipolar Disorder
23. Planning for Emergencies
24. The Role of the Family
25. Summing Up and Looking Ahead