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"A unique resource for the serious study of comedy, this book is vast in scope and of incalculable value for those who do not read Greek."

"This book is a landmark, which has come to stay."

"This volume, which is aimed at general readers... and whose generous dimensions rival the size of an Oxford Classical Dictionary, will be an essential resource for anyone who wants to inquire into what is known of Athenian comedy beyond the surviving plays of Aristophanes and Menander... Rusten offers a concise and balanced account."

"The Birth of Comedy is a singularly ambitious and very welcome work."

"A true reference book, to be dipped into when certain facts or information are required and thoughtfully arranged in an accessible style. Scholarly and academic in both approach and scope, this is a valuable resource for anyone interested in or researching not only Ancient Greek comedy but also the history of comic plays, theatre and drama. After twenty years spent compiling the material it is a resource that will not date and one that should provide for interesting scholarly debate and research outcomes."

"A valuable scholarly enterprise."

"It will certainly be appearing on my reading lists in future."

"The scholarship is painstaking and thoroughly reliable; the translations are clear and enjoyable; the introductions are concise and interesting. I can’t think of another scholarly book this length that I so much enjoyed, and profited from, reading from beginning to end."