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Table Of Contents

Preface to the Updated Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Introduction. For the People and of the People: Black Nationalism,
Identity, and Popular Culture
Chapter 1. An Organization of the Living: The Nation of Islam and
Black Popular Culture
Chapter 2. "There Go My People": The Civil Rights Movement,
Black Nationalism, and Black Power
Chapter 3. A Party for the People: The Black Freedom Movement
and the Rise of the Black Panther Party
Chapter 4. Swimming with the Masses: The Black Panthers,
Lumpenism, and Revolutionary Culture
Chapter 5. "Move Over or We'll Move Over on You": Black Power
and the Decline of the Civil Rights Movement
Chapter 6. Rainbow Radicalism: The Rise of Radical Ethnic
Conclusion. Power and the People
Epilogue. Black Nationalism after Jim Crow
Essay on Sources