Hopkins Fulfillment Services

Table Of Contents

Part I. A Chronic Restlessness
1. Wanderers and Dreamers
2. Joshua Rising
3. The Pendulum Swings Forward
Part II. Hope and Change
4. Bamelot
5. President of the Entire United States
6. Dancing with the Caucus
7. Man on a Tightrope
8. Pitchforks, Daggers, and Carnival Barkers
9. Guess Who's Coming to Tea
10. Signifier in Chief
11. Renaissance Woman
12. The Blood of Africa
13. Demographics and Destinies
Part III. The Best of Times, the Worst of Times
14. Bamelot 2.0
15. A Second Wind
16. "If I Had a Son"
17. The Measure of a President
18. The Pendulum Swings Back