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"This is an impressive, enjoyable and unique book... The style is light and entertaining, without in any way trivializing the subject or appearing patronizing, and Blip, Ping, and Buzz achieves the rather special trick of being valuable both to the non-specialist and to the seasoned practitioner."

"This well written book... is highly recommended for just about everyone including, dare I say it, experts."

"The writing style is clear and sometimes whimsical, making for easy reading... An excellent addition to the ever-popular genre of books about how things work."

"Denny largely sheds the complexity of mathematical constructs, distilling their most salient features into a more qualitative understanding of radar and sonar systems."

"Indeed, Denny's writing is anything but dry and boring. He adeptly explains complex subject matter and does so with relatively simple language and minimal use of symbolic notation."

"Denny's book gets a two thumbs up from me. It is a clear, beautifully written work on a topic of great interest—and one of great mystery. Best of all, it is not a 'popular science' trivialization of the subject. It is decidedly unusual in that while a bright high school math or science student can read the majority of the book with profit, even graduate engineers will learn from it as well. I certainly did. "